Journey to Japan’s Enchanting Spirited Away Onsen

Journey to Japan’s Enchanting Spirited Away Onsen

Have⁣ you ever dreamed of stepping into a real-life Spirited Away⁤ onsen?⁣ Nestled⁢ in the mountains of Gunma is Shima onsen, a place ⁣that⁣ has inspired the magical bathhouse from the⁢ famous movie. In ⁣a recent YouTube video, the creators take us on a journey to this enchanting location, showcasing⁢ the bright red bridge that transports you into a world​ of wonder. ⁤From private onsens to delicious tonkatsu ​meals, this ⁣video highlights the beauty and tranquility of Shima onsen, making it a ​must-visit ⁤destination in Japan. Join us as we dive into the mesmerizing experience of⁢ exploring this⁢ Spirited Away-inspired town.

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Experience the Magical Shima Onsen Bridges

Get ready to immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Shima Onsen, located in⁣ the picturesque mountains of ⁢Gunma, just a few hours away from the bustling city of Tokyo. This hidden gem served as one of the⁣ inspirations​ for the magical setting⁣ of Spirited Away. As you wander through the⁢ winding streets of⁣ this‍ quaint town, you’ll come across the iconic bright⁢ red bridge⁤ that transports ‌you straight into the ‍mesmerizing ‍realm‌ of Yubaba’s bathhouse. Whether you ‌visit during the serene​ daylight hours or the enchanting night ​time, Shima Onsen will​ leave⁤ you spellbound with its mystical vibes.

If you’re looking for a truly immersive experience, ‌consider staying at the renowned Spirited Away ⁣hotel,​ Sekizenkan.⁢ While the ​hotel can​ be a ​bit pricey, with rooms starting at nine thousand yen‌ per person, the experience‍ is well worth it. With a ⁣rich history as one ‍of the ‍oldest onsen inns in Japan, Sekizenkan offers a unique blend of traditional Japanese hospitality‌ and modern luxury. ⁤From relaxing in your spacious room⁣ overlooking the river to indulging⁤ in​ a private‌ onsen bath, every moment at Shima⁢ Onsen is a magical journey waiting to unfold.

Stay at the Spirited ‌Away Hotel, Sekizenkan

Nestled in the mountains of Gunma,⁣ three hours from Tokyo, is Shima ​onsen, one ⁤of the inspirations for Spirited Away. What sets this Japanese hotel​ apart⁢ is its bright red bridge that transports you straight⁢ into ‌Yubaba’s bathhouse, making it truly magical whether‍ you visit during the day or at night. The Spirited Away ⁤hotel, Sekizenkan, is one of the oldest onsen​ inns in Japan,⁣ offering a unique and enchanting experience for travelers. With 42 hot springs in the onsen town, you’ll‍ have plenty of options ⁤to relax and unwind during your stay.

During your stay at Sekizenkan, you can choose from a variety of room options, including basic rooms ‌starting at nine​ thousand yen ‌per person. Our room ‌featured traditional⁤ elements like futons on the floor and a balcony overlooking‌ the river, creating a serene atmosphere perfect for a peaceful night’s rest. Consider indulging in a private onsen bath for a more intimate experience, where you‌ can enjoy the therapeutic ⁣waters in privacy. Whether you opt for the included ryokan dinner ​or explore local dining ⁣options like delicious pork tonkatsu, your ⁢time at the‍ Spirited Away hotel promises to be a memorable and revitalizing ⁤experience.

Private⁢ Onsen Experience: Kashikiri Buro

In​ the quaint mountains of‍ Gunma, ‍just a few hours away​ from the bustling city of Tokyo, lies the ‌enchanting Shima onsen. ​This serene location served as one of the inspirations​ for the iconic setting of Spirited Away, the‌ beloved Studio ‍Ghibli film. Featuring a striking bright red ‌bridge⁣ that transports you into a world reminiscent of Yubaba’s bathhouse, Shima onsen truly feels magical both during the day and at night. ‌Whether you’re exploring​ the town during ​the ⁣day or taking a soothing dip in the hot springs under the starry ‍night sky, each ‌moment at this onsen town is⁢ filled with wonder and tranquility.

For a private‌ and intimate onsen experience, consider indulging in a kashikiri buro, or ‌private ‌onsen bath.⁤ Although it may⁣ come with an additional cost, having the‍ entire hot spring to yourself⁣ for an hour is⁣ a luxury worth‌ experiencing. Whether you’re⁤ a couple seeking ‌a romantic retreat or a family ⁢looking ⁢to relax together, ‌the private onsen offers a ⁣serene and rejuvenating escape. Not only does it provide a peaceful atmosphere‌ for unwinding, but ⁣it also serves as a great option⁣ for those with tattoos who may prefer a more private bathing experience. Experience the ultimate relaxation and serenity by immersing yourself in the‍ calming waters of a private onsen bath at Shima onsen.

Delicious Local Cuisine in Gunma

Nestled in the mountains of Gunma, three hours from ‍Tokyo is ⁣Shima onsen. One of ‍the inspirations for Spirited Away.‍ A few different places in Japan claim to​ have inspired‍ the famous movie. ​What’s special‍ about this one‍ Japanese ⁢hotel in Shima onsen is its bright red bridge that makes you feel like you’ll cross straight into you Yubaba’s bath house. It’s hard to decide when this onsen looks most magical⁤ day or night. We spent‍ one night in the‌ onsen town and ⁢first up is a tour so you can decide for yourself.

If you’re wanting to stay, the Spirited Away hotel is called Sekizenkan⁣ and is one of the oldest ‌onsen inns ‌in Japan. ​If you’re more prepared‌ than us, you can grab a basic room for nine thousand yen per​ person but⁢ the onsen town has ⁢42 hot⁤ springs so there’s plenty ⁢to choose from. Gunma is known for delicious,‌ juicy and crispy pork tonkatsu, so we had that at an excellent local restaurant. Additionally, you can enjoy private baths for a more ⁤exclusive onsen experience, especially if you‌ have tattoos.⁤ Whether you choose⁢ to dine at the ⁤ryokan or eat out, your journey in Japan’s enchanting Spirited Away onsen will surely leave ​you⁢ with unforgettable memories.

Exploring Sweet Stores in the Onsen Town

Located in the‍ mountains of Gunma, ⁤Shima onsen is a hidden ‍gem that inspired the enchanting world of Spirited ⁣Away. The vibrant‌ red bridge⁢ at ⁣this Japanese hotel in Shima onsen transports you to ‌Yubaba’s⁢ bathhouse, making it a magical sight both day​ and night. ‌As the day ​transitions⁣ to​ night, the onsen town glows with an otherworldly charm that beckons‍ you to explore every corner.

For a taste of the‍ Spirited Away experience, consider staying at Sekizenkan, one ​of ⁣the oldest onsen inns in ⁤Japan. ⁣While a basic room ​at ⁤nine thousand yen per person provides a cozy retreat, the onsen town boasts 42 hot springs for your indulgence. Whether‍ you ‍opt for a private onsen session or soak in the public​ baths, the serene ambiance of Shima onsen​ promises a​ rejuvenating ‌experience unlike any other. Don’t ⁤forget ⁣to explore the sweet stores ‌in ⁤town for a delightful treat before bidding farewell to this magical oasis.

Relaxing⁣ in ⁣the Foot Bath with Agemanju

Nestled‍ in the mountains of Gunma, three​ hours​ from ⁣Tokyo is Shima​ onsen, a place that ‍inspired the enchanting Spirited Away. One ‌of the highlights of this ⁤Japanese‌ hotel is its bright red bridge that transports ‌you straight into Yubaba’s bath house. Whether‍ you​ visit ​this ‍onsen⁢ during the day or night, the magical atmosphere⁤ will leave you in awe.

If you’re planning to stay ‍overnight, Sekizenkan, the Spirited Away hotel, offers a‌ unique experience as‍ one of the oldest onsen inns in Japan. The hotel may be a⁤ bit pricey, ‌but the experience is worth it. ‌You can explore the‌ 42 hot springs in the onsen town if you’re looking for other options. Don’t forget‍ to indulge in agemanju,⁤ a fried sweet, while soaking your feet in a⁣ relaxing foot bath ⁤–⁢ a​ perfect combination of culinary delight and relaxation.


Q: What is the location in⁢ Japan that inspired the Spirited Away ⁣film?
A: Shima onsen,​ nestled in the mountains of Gunma, three⁤ hours from ⁤Tokyo.

Q: What makes the onsen in Shima special?
A: The bright ⁣red bridge ⁤that makes you feel like you’ll cross straight into Yubaba’s bathhouse.

Q: What is the name of the‌ Spirited Away hotel in Shima onsen?
A: The hotel is called Sekizenkan and is one⁣ of the oldest​ onsen‌ inns in Japan.

Q: How much does a basic room at the Spirited Away hotel cost?
A: A basic room costs nine thousand yen per person.

Q: What is‍ a kashikiri buro?
A: A private onsen where⁢ you can have the hot spring to yourself for a⁤ whole hour.

Q: What is Gunma ⁢known for in terms of ‌food?
A: Gunma is known for delicious, ‍juicy, and crispy pork tonkatsu.

Q: What activity did the blogger do in the‌ evening after ‌visiting the⁣ onsen?
A: They watched⁣ a‌ Japanese show⁤ called ⁣”Hajimete‌ no​ otsukai” on Netflix in ⁤their room.

Q:⁤ What type⁤ of sweet treat did the ​blogger try in the onsen town in the‌ morning?
A: They tried agemanju, a fried sweet treat, while sitting in a foot bath.

Future Outlook

As we finish our journey to Japan’s enchanting Spirited Away​ onsen, one thing is clear – the magic of this place is truly captivating, whether it’s day or ⁣night. ‍The bright red bridge leading to Yubaba’s bath house is a sight to behold, and the serene atmosphere of Shima onsen will leave you ‍feeling rejuvenated and inspired. Whether you ​choose to stay at the iconic Sekizenkan or explore the 42 hot springs in the area, there’s no shortage⁤ of opportunities to ⁤relax and ​unwind. From private onsen ‍baths to delicious local cuisine, ‌a trip to ⁢this ‌onsen town is sure ‌to be unforgettable. So, as we bid‍ farewell to this mystical place, we hope that you too will embark on⁢ your ‍own journey to ⁣discover the⁤ beauty and wonder of⁣ Japan’s onsen culture. Sayonara, ⁤and until next time!

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